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We strongly believe that brands, today even more than yesterday, must carry on values, in addition to doing “simple” business. They are now fundamental entities of our society and, as such, they must contribute to it with a positive impact.

How? By taking the right position, understanding who they are targeting, and learning how to communicate with their audience. You may think this isn’t business, and that’s right! For us, it is the start of doing it!


Developing a strategy requires a lot of thought and a lot of effort is required to execute it at its best. Its success depends on the factors listed above, but to achieve the objectives it is often necessary to go further, and only after careful analysis and reflection can it be done.

Kind and

We see it as a collaboration between teams and brands, Creative ideas happen in an environment where synergy, trust and respect are a common ground to achieve great results.


We believe that any brand with sound values and solid principles, combined with a strong product, can grow rapidly with a well-done strategy and calculated steps. This is the reason why we have as our primary goal the success of our partners, which will lead us to have the same.

Our Team

Saif Ardhaoui


I founded Floow in 2022 after 3 years of experience as a specialized digital consultant on Social Media. I trained and continue to train in the digital marketing sector, following the courses of the best Italian teachers.

Achraf Souissi

Creative director

I am the Co-Founder of Floow, with an experience of 3 years in the digital field and a professional master's degree in digital marketing, worked in profit, non-profit organizations and agencies both as a marketeer and designer.

Based in Italy with an international impact

No matter your location, the touchpoints and the synergy will be the same thanks to our optimized online processes